A discussion about whether there is too much violence on television and movies

Violence in tv shows

Seshagiri Charan said: Dec 19, I think that showing violence and non-violence on television and in films is not a crime. Through these biographies we can learn that how they struggle in life and get the success. Sceptics are quick to point out, however, that the V-chip, for a variety of reasons, does not represent a panacea. But not only porn responsible but also BollywBollywood, Hollywood and Hollywood industry have a place of great penance or troublesome for mostly young aspirations. If it finds the voluntary system acceptable, the FCC will establish technological standards to ensure this system can be handled by the parental control technology V-chip technology to be built into television sets manufactured after February It doesn't help them to study but it just makes them look like a fool. Disney movies wrapped us in the idea that good always triumphs evil, that happy ever after exists.

Although adults possess higher ability to judge right from wrong and have stronger self-control, once they are exposed to such violent plots too much, they will just become numb and take it for granted. The Canadian Cable Television Association in held its "Stop the Silence on Violence" campaign, which informed subscribers about non-violent viewing alternatives and ways of dealing proactively with violence in society.

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Communications and Culture, in its report on television violence, said that parents too should play a pivotal role in guiding and regulating the viewing habits of their children. Teachers were unaware of which children had been exposed to violent media.

Peoples are also aware from the crimes which are going on in society. New technology can be useful too. By watching films children get new ideas on how to do robbery and theft.

violence in movies essay

Therefore, governments should take action to control these violent contents on the media. Rarely is there shown the impact, the aftermath, or the follow-up of all those people so neatly killed or injured, as it might be in real life.

A new freedom now exists worldwide and especially in the U. However, the television production people will add violence into the show.

there is too much violence on television essay

By Victor B. What I am against for is showing deliberated violence like bomb blasts, victims, injured crying for help, public shooters with no motive except spreading fear and trepidation. I also think that there should be limitations of violence scenes in the movies because as in many films they showing the techniques of robbery and loot which helps dacoits in many ways to perform their loot and they get idea of robbery in some smart manner.

how violent movies affect the brain
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Showing Violence and Crimes should not be allowed in films and on television.