Abdul kalams speech on teacher s day

They had an understanding to have an integrated class by Thothadri Iyengar for first year B. He showed us the birds and asked us to see that when the birds fly, what they looked like.

Role of teachers in dr kalams life

Working and working without boundary conditions till the realization of the mission. We should always respect our teachers. He drew a diagram of a bird on the blackboard depicting the wings, tail and the body structure with the head. We saw the wings flapping. He was one of the very good teachers in our school. This may be called as Moral Science Class that will elevate the young minds to love the country, to love the other human beings and elevate them to higher planes. Rightly so, teachers are the first guiding step in this big bad world. I got the capability for designing the contra-rotating propeller. Chanakya: Chanakya, a minister in the Maurya dynasty and one of the greatest teachers off all times, spoke about the need for teachers in nation building. We saw the marvelous formations of birds with a purpose and we were all amazed.

While growing up, the only person we tend to respect after our parents, are our teachers. My greatest friends will be great human beings, great teachers and great books.

Lessons learned from teachers remain with their students throughout life. The bird's flight entered into me and created a special feeling. Satish Dhawan of the Indian Institute of Science, who was well known for his aeronautical research, for help. After Thakbhir position, she will recite two suras from Holy Quran.

I did not know how to design a contra-rotating propeller though I knew how to design a conventional propeller. One of his very significant speeches during his tenure as the president of India, he spoke about the students need to question.

I firmly believe that no problem can defeat me; I will become the captain of the problem, defeat the problem and succeed. We enjoyed the roaring sea waves knocking at the sandy hills in the pleasant evening.

Teachers that break down barriers and reach into the souls of the students that they are responsible for do not get the recognition or gratitude they have earned. I said I did not understand how the birds fly. Teachers should become role models.

teachers day speech by students in english
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