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He has free man thoughts and urges for awhile, such as the desire to go swimming, but these only last for a few months.

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None of the Arabs in The Stranger are named, reflecting the distance between the French colonists and native people. He gets up late and then decides to go to the beach where he loves to swim.

The stranger (camus novel)

When Raymond, Meursault, and Masson first run into the Arab and his friend at the beach, Masson knocks one guy out while Raymond tries to hit the other, but ultimately Raymond is slashed on the arm and the mouth with a knife before they all scatter. There, he runs into Marie Cardona, his former co-worker. For Raymond, Meursault agrees to write a letter to his girlfriend, with the sole purpose of inviting her over so that Raymond can have sex with her but spit in her face at the last minute as emotional revenge. He gets up late and then decides to go to the beach where he loves to swim. The chaplain is surprised to learn that Meursault truly believes there is nothing after death. When asked if he wants to marry her, he agrees but admits he would have agreed to any number of women. That night, Raymond runs into Salamano, who laments that his dog has run away. Spectators and members of the press fill the courtroom. Like the magistrate, the chaplain cannot believe that Meursault does not long for faith and the afterlife. There are three English translations of The Stranger. In reality, it is a dense and rich creation, full of undiscovered meanings and formal qualities. The next morning, before the funeral, he meets with the director again. The Stranger is recounted in first person is a very direct, no nonsense style.

Meursault follows him though he wanted to be left alone. He is brought in for the sentencing and hears that he is going to be decapitated in the name of the French people.

Meursault is found guilty and is sentenced to death by beheading.

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He also mentions that he is sorry about Maman and understands why he put her in a home though many neighbors do not. He sleeps for almost the entire trip. He finds the absoluteness of the situation to be arrogant. At night in his cell, he finds a final happiness in his indifference towards the world and the lack of meaning he sees in everyone and everything. He chats with the caretaker, naps, smokes, and has some coffee. Meursault suddenly becomes enraged, grabs the chaplain, and begins shouting at him. Critical analysis[ edit ] In his analysis of the novel, Carl Viggiani wrote: On the surface, L'Etranger gives the appearance of being an extremely simple though carefully planned and written book.

Still this time is not so hard for Meursault. He abuses it but is still attached to it. The prosecutor seems to dwell on his crime being premeditated.

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Now, if I was in that cell I would have argued with the priest too — but I would not have argued in the same way that Meursault argues. He thinks of Maman and goes to bed without dinner. Soon after she visits, he receives a letter from Marie saying she is not allowed to visit any longer because she is not his wife. They run into two Arabs on the beach and Raymond and Masson fight them. He imagines new penal codes which would allow the condemned to have one chance in ten of escaping his fate. The Arab the brother of the mistress of Raymond is a man shot and killed by Meursault on a beach in Algiers. They are instantly attracted and agree to see a movie later that night. The guards tear the chaplain away and Meursault falls asleep. So, what can I say? He also did not identify himself as an existentialist. Meursault was happy with his life. He later gets the rest of the details on the pound from Meursault and then goes home. He remembers Maman's story of his father going to an execution and now understands why. In high school friends one of them even became my ex-wife told me it was a great book about a man condemned to die because he was an outsider.

Her brother and friends try to take revenge. This wish is too painful though since there is such little chance of his freedom.

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The Stranger By Albert Camus Book Review