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Upon release, the panda was fitted with a tracking device that would allow researchers to follow the path of the panda to keep track of his whereabouts and document the success of his release. They play, bathe in rivers and engage in constant exercise Sentanac, How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

Out of a litter of cubs, the breeders will pick the white cubs that bring in a lot more money on the market and euthanize, inhumanely destroy or neglect the cubs that do not meet the color requirement The Truth About White Tigers, Animals should not be held in captivity; it does not save them from going extinct, but helps kill them off.

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Being held captive causes many physical, social and emotional problems in the Animals in Captivity animals. If animals are able to experience similar feelings and awareness that humans do, it is abuse to keep them under artificial conditions.

What did I do to deserve prison? As children and even as adults, we all most likely have experienced a visit to the zoo. Being able to see these amazing animals in person is a draw for many as it is exciting to see these wild animals up close and personal.

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Captivity is the keeping of either domesticated animals or wild animals. No one wants to live in a confined space for the rest of their life or be born into a life of captivity. A true sanctuary isn't opened to the public; their goal is the life of the animal and not driven by thirst for profit: At PAWS [an animal sanctuary], rescued animals live in peaceful and natural habitats, free from fear, chains and harsh confinement. Sixteen really is a small number. Having no predators, the life of a zoo animal should outlive or at least match the average life expectancy of an animal in the wild. There are multiple arenas that teach people that it is acceptable to interfere with animals and keep them locked in captivity, where they are cramped, lonely, and far from their natural homes. Aquatic animals, such as Orcas, fare no better in their average life expectancy in captivity. These animals are either living in zoos for our enjoyment, at breeding centers to avoid extinct wildlife, or research laboratories to test animal with different products. Get Essay I believe that caging a wild animal is regrettable. What may seem to be fun for the viewer, is torture for the mammals. In my opinion no wild animal should be kept in captivity except if an animal is injured or to save a species from extinction.
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