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But we cannot also deny this statement. It is very difficult to find out who is a real beggar and who is not because looks are very deceptive. These are the worst kind of beggars as they intrude the residential areas and disrupt peace. This is quite annoying as it hampers the privacy of the people. Conclusion Begging is a serious problem and the problems faced by the beggars in India are no less. Statistics reveal that about half a million people in our country are beggars. Even though the government is taking measures to stop it and many NGOs have been formed to eradicate this problem nothing concrete has been done yet. A person who is well-educated would never get involved in this work and nor would he force his children to beg. India should not drag in such an ugly profession. Small kids in torn clothes also go around from street to street begging for food, clothes and money.

Those involved in begging cannot see beyond this work. In some cases, we find the entire family is involved in begging. Many sting operations have revealed that babies are rented to give credibility to begging.

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Statistics reveal that about half a million people in our country are beggars. Their manual labor could have been better utilized in factories or mills.

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You will find many of these people in the railway stations, metro stations, tourist spots, in temples and in many areas where there is a regular crowd. They think that if they would do good actions, God would be pleased with them and he would send them to this world again as men. Education can change a person for good but these people do not understand this. The beggar is that person; those have not the proper necessities such as Food, Cloth, and shelter. He may pretend to be deaf or blind. It might seem that we are very heartless in not giving money to a little child begging on the street, but this is one step that we can take to prevent begging. For many, begging is just like any other profession. They seldom deny money to child beggars carrying bowl with the pictures of God and oil in it. How to overcome the beggar Our India is now a free country and her future promises a lot, and these problems of beggar have not been solving, but some of the solutions should have found out for removing the tramp from India.

Poverty is real in India but not begging. Irrespective of the season, beggars are seen clad in minimal clothing. The beggar may sit just by the roadside.

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Beggar Problem in India