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To an outsider, a different dialect can sound like a completely different language and in some cases—particularly in border towns—may incorporate elements of the neighboring country's language. Lithuanian time management and meeting arrangements Lithuanians follow their day-time schedules quite rigorously.

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First of all according to the indicator of identification with a group ten identity groups were distinguished. Historical classes, such as the nobility, are completely meaningless, as they were stripped of their final benefits some years ago.

Most higher education is free or very inexpensive, as the state subsidizes 75 percent of university education.

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Lithuania's unit of currency is the litaspegged at four litas per U. It is even better to eventually return the favor by providing other similar-value free services, effectively making this a barter e.

Foreign donor programs make it possible for many students to overcome these financial difficulties.

Etiquette Lithuanians are a reserved people with respect for tradition. The official language is Lithuanian, one of two remaining languages in the Baltic branch of the Indo-European languages. Local and national environmental and conservation groups have begun participating in international projects to reduce pollution in the Baltic Sea and the region as a whole. Infants usually are cared for by their mothers or grandmothers. Lithuania is dependent on other nations for fuel and raw materials. Society is primarily middle class, and there is a large income gap between the wealthy and the very poor. Eventually, if no side retreats after a couple of exchanges, each side pays for its own expenses or more likely one side pays the bill with the other side promising to pay the whole bill the next time although the next time the same argument is likely to begin again. According to a law passed in eleven first-class cities became independent of county administration and had their own government. For example, what actually can give capitalists', bourgeoisies'officers', labourers', peasants'class division for social politics? Therefore social stratification is difficult and often contradictional.

In the main cities, meetings should be generally pre-arranged and even good friends do not just "pop up" at somebody's home or office. Institutes of higher education play an important role in the development of the physical and social sciences and provide training and instruction for scientists.

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Among those who live in towns, it is common to have a garden just outside the city limits, often as part of a collective. It is customary for all guests to sit at a common table that fills most of the room, and for the hosts to ensure that no guest leaves the table hungry.

This likely dates to the Soviet occupation , when many services were scarce or extremely low in quality e. However, these people live nearly exclusively in the largest cities and their suburbs , as there are no foreign investments or interests elsewhere. It is obvious that the domination of private property puts the head of industrialists'confederation to one pole, and the owner of the hairdressing saloon to another. Vilnius University, established in , is the oldest university in Central Europe and the most prestigious in the country. Kitchens are generally small, and toilets are often separate from washrooms. The Catholic Studies Academy has over eight hundred members in Lithuania, and there are several seminaries and monasteries. New social relations based on the market economy are formed. In many cases, jokes are created by people of the group the jokes target, and Lithuanian ethnicity itself has a fair share of negative stereotypes associated with it in jokes. They are illegal as they lead to preferential treatment of those who give better "presents" as well as extortion-like practices on behalf of some doctors in case a "smaller than usual" present is given. Children are required to complete nine years of formal schooling, but most finish twelve grades. The intelligentsia, with help from the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, drafted a document making demands for the future of the Lithuanian state. The first law on administrative sub-units was passed on July 1, There is no doubt that in modern society power is not so often inherited as achieved due to education, faculties, responsibility and activity. They generally will not go out of their way to greet someone they do not know; people on public conveyances do not look directly at someone else unless they are friends and generally give up their seats to their elders.

In our opinion, the main principle can be identification distinguishing.

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Society of Lithuania: Social Groups and Social Norms