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Small sounds.

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Depicting Emotions without Melodrama The braided essay is a useful structure for complex topics. Loren also guides the reader by often using the first sentence of each paragraph to evoke the physical and emotional setting. I ate some myself and drank plenty of thimblefuls of that liqueur.

The mountain streams would supply the pioneers with enough water to turn this desert into a Midwestern oasis, with less persecution than they had suffered in Illinois and Missouri.

Can facts exist without humans? The braided form is one of resistance.

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For example, she remembers a crucial story about her father growing up and being tied to a clothesline on the plains all day long. My parents, having both been raised in the church, then having left Utah so my dad could go to grad school in New York City, thought Mormonism stifled their hippy ways.

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Two ideas.

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What Quilting and Embroidery Can Teach us About Narrative Form