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Further information regarding this observation, the competitors selected and the method of selection, the Foursquare campaign launched at Central Park as well as a detailed description and analysis of the results can be found in app.

The local business, e. Foursquare also has a log book function because all check-ins are stored and organized in a timeline cf. It has to be noted that users are not constantly being tracked, thus no one can follow their movement.

It is crucial to understand that accessing the Internet via one of these devices does not necessarily mean that it is used on the go, i.

thesis on the effect of customer relationship management on customer retention

The user who has checked in to a specific location the most during the past 30 days becomes the mayor of the respective location. The respective management approach of the development phase — customer retention management — aims at developing and intensifying the relationship between the customer and the company.

Tourists as well as locals can access these lists and work off the venues and locations listed. The function considered least useful from the point of view of the smart phone users is the log book function, i. Crm director, Dr. I leave the house an hour later. The more difficult task was to explore the functions Foursquare offers to business owners, since only certified venue owners have access to the back end of the check-in service.

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Unfortunately many of the beach clubs did not have a Foursquare presence at the beginning of the experiment. Due to the position as Foursquare manager, the author had access to the back end of the app and was able to familiarize herself with all functions and possibilities it offers businesses. Within a period of twelve days June 11th — June 22th in total respondents participated in the survey. This question type requires the respondents to select an answer from a predetermined set of answers and therefore simplifies the administration of the questionnaire. The revitalization phase is the stage in which the intensity of the customer-company relationship is decreasing. The author asserts that these phases are not only a threat to the relationship with existing customers, but also to the establishment of a relationship with prospects and to the reactivation of lost customers. Nowadays GPS receivers belong to the standard equipment of notebooks, the new generation of cell phones and tablet PCs, hence all smart phone owners carry a GPS receiver in their pockets. The following section will touch upon each of the three top-level phases of the customer relationship life-cycle and elaborate on their respective management approaches, goals and tactics. Foss, B. Hence, offering any special is a good means of being found, i. Hamp, J. DOI: j.

Therefore the interviews were cancelled and more effort was put on the attempt to motivate the two other German brands which are active on Foursquare, Vapiano and Telekom, to answer a few questions regarding their experiences with Foursquare. If the timing of the possible redemption is defined as slightly deferred, the coupon can be a very attractive means of making customers revisit as the customization ensures high relevance to the customer cf.

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The author asserts that these phases are not only a threat to the relationship with existing customers, but also to the establishment of a relationship with prospects and to the reactivation of lost customers. Geppert, , p. Social networks as well as the Internet in general can of course not only be accessed via stationary but also via mobile devices. What does a good Customer Relationship Management strategy look like? After having spoken to the director of new media of the cinema chain which is very active in the field of social media, the writer had to note that not even this major brand approaches the topic of Foursquare in a structured way. What the author is talking about are check-in services, a sub form of location based services, which are frequently referred to as the hottest trend in social media. Despite its rapid growth, the awareness of Foursquare in particular and check-in services in general is still very low among Germans.
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