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The exhausted possibilities of human experience reduce great regrets over "the road not taken" or bravado for "the road not taken" by everyone else. The speaker wants to put a notion into the head of his neighbor, to ask him to explain why is it good walls make good neighbors, but in the end says nothing.

Most significantly, the dramatic narratives consist mostly of dialogue usually spoken in a single location—like one-act plays framed by stage directions. Frost's virtues are extraordinary. George Phillipsone of the early settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts.

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Frost liked to tease and goad. At some point, Brehm helped us figure out why the transition from Frost to Williams felt so perplexing, like being all of sudden in entirely new territory though both wrote poetry.

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A wall may seem useful in the countryside as it could help keep livestock safe and secure and mark a definite boundary. Kennedy on January 20, In both cases the decision complicated their literary legacies. He attended Dartmouth College for two months, long enough to be accepted into the Theta Delta Chi fraternity. Frost has refused all of these and in the refusal has long seemed less dramatically committed than others It involves two rural neighbors who one spring day meet to walk along the wall that separates their properties and repair it where needed. Perhaps not, life has a way of letting one thing leading to another until going backwards is just no longer an option. The rest of the book was written in a deliberately low-key, conversational blank verse. All of Robert Frost's poems can be found in this exceptional book, The Collected Poems , which I use for all my analyses. Although he never graduated from college, Frost received over 40 honorary degrees, including ones from Princeton , Oxford and Cambridge universities, and was the only person to receive two honorary degrees from Dartmouth College. For all his intelligence, he had a difficult upbringing. He was an innovator of his time by writing poems that were rooted in the real world, when everyone else was writing elevated and saccharine poems in iambic pentameter. But that mischief also makes it more than a "sincere" poem, in the way so many readers have taken Frost to be sincere.

His epitaph quotes the last line from his poem, "The Lesson for Today" : "I had a lover's quarrel with the world. Frost returned home to teach and to work at various jobs, including helping his mother teach her class of unruly boys, delivering newspapers, and working in a factory maintaining carbon arc lamps.

Since the dramatic narratives consist mostly of dialogue, the realistic use of rural vernacular gives the poems the texture of short plays.

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Delve Seminar Summaries: The Poetry of Frost & Williams