E-business planning and implementation grant

Learn more about Humanities Connections Planning Grants. The Commission may recommend that the Archivist approve the proposal and extend an offer of a grant with applicable terms and conditions, or it may recommend rejection of the proposal.

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In your business plan, assess your current situation, the business competition and make sure you know who your target market or the makeup of your market's specific demographics. Your proposal will be reviewed by: Peer Reviewers We will ask 5 to 10 external peer reviewers to evaluate the proposal.

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It aims to build strong cases on the practices that criminalise free speech, propose policy recommendations, and further build the capacity of online activists in digital skills, allowing them to circumvent internet censorship while increasing their safety.

However, many activists are still dependent on corporate providers like Google, Facebook and Dropbox to store their data and communicate online. The following evaluation criteria and weights will be used by NHPRC staff to form recommendations: Quality and extent of the potential impact in increasing the capacity of small, diverse, and under-represented archives and repositories.

e-business planning and implementation grant

Ineligible applications will not be reviewed. Include descriptions of outside project advisors, reviewers, and evaluators.

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For instance, the use of data from the public transportation system in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for commercial purposes is being seen by citizens and civil society as harming privacy and affecting other human rights. Much of this e-waste is dumped by both the government and corporations in sites like Seelampur in New Delhi and Andheri in Mumbai, which have become informal recycling centres where thousands of men, women and teenagers are employed to hunt for metals such as lead, copper, silver and gold from the discarded e-waste. Applicants have an opportunity to answer these questions and concens. Explain the roles of all staff named in the project budget, both for those already on staff and for those to be hired. VOICE: Freedom of expression online in Bangladesh: Analysing the legal framework and advocacy for strengthening online expression An alarming trend of violent intolerance towards freedom of expression has taken root in Bangladesh, with the monitoring and striking down of online speech particularly evident. Through this project, Metamorphosis hopes to directly contribute to progressive change within state institutions, the media community and CSOs in order to mainstream internet rights and freedoms within the work of the institutions. Grants must be individually written and tailored to the grant package. For example, how many institutions will form the Collaborative and what will their roles be; what measurable improvements are planned for public participation, discovery, or use of historical records; how many people will be reached with outreach programming; how many of the tools developed through the project will be available for use by the broader archival and historical publishing communities. There is a critical need to run effective counter-campaigns and raise awareness of internet rights as human rights. Bloggers and online activists are being categorically targeted through physical attacks and killings by both extremist organisations and law enforcement agencies, not only silencing the victims but also sending a chilling message to people across Bangladesh who espouse independent views on religious issues. Many local intermediaries do not publish reports on critical issues such as take-down requests and state-instructed network shutdowns, leaving internet users in the dark on how their rights online could be violated. Personnel Qualifications: For the people or positions in the proposal, provide a narrative explanation of the qualifications of the staff who will contribute to the success of this project. Through this project, Colnodo is implementing a community wireless network to provide mobile telephony in the rural areas of the municipality of Buenos Aires in the department of Cauca. It would help to develop an overall mission and statement for the business that conceptualizes the main intent behind the business.

The project will be based on a participatory research by young women which will create and analyse evidence about habits, practices, life experiences and behaviours related to the non-gender-inclusive culture in IT university studies.

The proposal also aims to facilitate multistakeholder networks through campaigns and consultations to play an ongoing role to concurrently raise awareness and deepen understanding of the health hazards involved in unethical ways of recycling e-waste.

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The Commission provides no more than 75 per cent of total project costs for the Implementation Grants. If Grants. Successful applicants will receive an informal offer of award and be required to verify their acceptance of general terms and condition, and complete a statement on their Financial Capability and Accounting Systems. Planning goals will include identifying the members of a planning committee and organizing the planning process; defining the rationale, design, and structure that would undergird a comprehensive and institutionally sustainable effort; and establishing potential scenarios for curriculum development. Describe in detail the types of activities you intend to engage in and the relationships among them. No more than two pages per staff member required Position descriptions for staff to be hired with grant funds required, if applicable Detailed work plan charts that supplement the Narrative If these materials are available on a web site, please provide the URLs. Through dialogue with urban, transportation, feminist, LGBTQI and other minority groups, the project seeks to build consensus for a bill to regulate personal data usage by local public administrations, including data usage by companies contracted by the government. In order to lessen the digital divide, the Colombian government has implemented several public access initiatives, such as the establishment of Vive Digital Kiosks in rural areas.
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