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We put our efforts to increase customer satisfaction when consumers deal with retailers, to enhance the interaction process when retailers communicate with consumers, and to streamline the problem resolution order in all possible ways.

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The company hires drivers who bring their own taxis. Submit Feedback. But before talking about those difference, let us first talk about what these models are. What is eCommerce? Both these business models are nuanced by their way of working. The company offers a business-to-business solution to online merchants of physical, non-perishable products. Because of this influence, the aggregator model is spreading in popularity and usage at breakneck speed across the globe.

The goal of the aggregator model is to create an appetizing eCommerce environment that will draw-in a large consumer base. Standardised Price Since partners are responsible for deciding the prices, similar products may have different prices in the marketplace.

How do Aggregator Sites Make Money? It means less money going to them and more money going to the government.

aggregator model in hindi

Dan Codder is a twenty-year veteran in the computer industry. They work on a contract basis. The Finance Minister of the Indian Parliament clarified the amendment made to the Service Tax Rules, stating that any service or aggregator that utilizes the aggregator model under its own brand name in India is subject to service tax; however, if said aggregator does not hold any presence, including by way of representative, then an agent or third-party appointed by the aggregator must pay the tax instead.

Aggregator business in india

That is, brand image of Partners also matter. Submit Feedback. Let us know in the comment section below. In the world of online business, since direct contact is not possible, everything and anything possible that can be done to increase customer loyalty and retention must be implemented for maximum success. Provide reference to the merchant's entire return policies if requested. The company hires drivers who bring their own taxis. Maintain a record of the transactions for the company's own database. It works on a basis. Aggregators decide the price themselves. The larger brands will suffer losses in customer retention and profitability, as well as suffer from brand dilution and loss of market shares. The revenue generation in an aggregator business model is similar to that of the marketplace business model. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! The commission rate revenue stream is followed by Uber. By securing agreements with companies such as AOL. OYO does not work on a commission basis rather it works on the take up rate.

Then the aggregator firm works upon the brand building and the marketing strategies. Because of this influence, the aggregator model is spreading in popularity and usage at breakneck speed across the globe.

Pin2 Shares 2 Want to earn money without indulging in the processes of production or providing services? Develop strategic alliances with online merchants, shipping companies, and credit card issuers to negotiate reduction or elimination of the shipping costs to consumers on returned merchandise.

Aggregator business model in hindi

What this meant for FedEx is that they could tell the customer exactly where their package is at any one point. To build your own aggregator business, you must first decide upon a niche that requires an organized approach. The proposed program offers both, and it will increase the number of online shoppers, thus causing a market expansion for online merchants. Uber provides personal as well as shared taxis. However, there is no fixed revenue stream for an aggregator business model. Marketplace only charges a commission as they are providing sellers with a platform with a huge network to sell. This undoubtedly drives-up the cost of using this form of eCommerce. This differentiating element will multiply the consumer acceptance factor and will draw more revenues to all participating companies. The sellers on Amazon do not sell as Amazon sellers but by their own company name. In the past, aggregators aided the sale of insurance and made profit that way. The company hires drivers who bring their own taxis. This logistics system is the main driver behind FedEx's exponential growth. Due to lack of current competition, NoHassleReturn.
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Aggregator Business Model