Enemy of the people essay topics

Other such references towards the town politicians such as "big bellies", "old badger", "damn gang", or even "smug cabal of old, stubborn, self-satisfied fogies," prove to be immensely effective in swaying the reader's perception of certain characters. Any type of essay.

The issue —that of the Springs being toxic and Stockmann's possession of that knowledge —is established right away.

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Petra, for example, is used as a vehicle for voicing the ideals of an emanicipated woman and although like Kate she ends the play by supporting Thomas, their actions may be interpreted as ironic.

In Frankenstein, society is cruel and hateful to the monster because he looks different than other people. They do not care that they are related by blood or marriage; their own reputations are far more important to them. The Mayor warned Dr. The protagonist was Doctor Stockmann. Idealism, which Merriam Webster describes as the practice of pursuing ideals, especially unrealistically, is another trait Dr.

Stockmann is the best exemplar of a character whose various duties are in conflict with one another.

Enemy of the people essay topics

On the one hand, family is celebrated for remaining true to each other and supporting each other during hard times; Catherine and Petra both stick by Stockmann regardless of how bad it gets for them. Score: 2.

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