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One of this artist biggest concerns was the treatment of his fellow indigenous tribes that still live mostly in the Sierra and Oriental regions of Ecuador.

He questions whether the colonized world should copy the west or develop a whole new set of values and ideas. The main colonists were the Great Britain and France.

His family was socio-economically middle-class.

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This choreopoem composed of poems, music, and dance is a supportive force of literature and vitality to be reckoned with that not only challenged the status quo and ideologies of black women sublime during the Black Power movement, but also relates to contemporary black women in the United States. The conflict took its toll on the Indian subcontinent. I can laugh with George Lopez, and feel the pain, anguish, and laughter that are associated with a Mexican American heritage. Fanon's three books were supplemented by numerous psychiatry articles as well as radical critiques of French colonialism in journals such as Esprit and El Moudjahid. The situation of settler colonialism creates within the native a tension which grows over time and in many ways is fostered by the settler. The dynamics between Prospero and Caliban 's relationship is imperative in understanding Frantz Fanon theory on the psychology of racism. In Africa the decolonization started a few years later, first in Libya and Egypt, and in the rest of the continent afterwards. Fanon notes the silence of Africa in the face of colonialism and her inability or lack of will to act against the colonial governments Additionally, Fanon was also responsible for treating Algerian torture victims. Fanon states, "The native intellectual has clothed his aggressiveness in his barely veiled desire to assimilate himself to the colonial world"

The influence that the French had on the Caribbean islands had a negative persona of themselves the Caribbean people lost sight of their identity as an island. While the former preaches violence as the solution for decolonization, the latter adopts nonviolence as the best way to freedom and liberation.

Fanon was educated in Lyonwhere he also studied literature, drama and philosophy, sometimes attending Merleau-Ponty 's lectures. On the other hand, Europeans took a primitive group people from an undeveloped continent, to a strange, unusual culture He exalts the proletariat as a revolutionary class that is first to realize the necessity of violence in the removal of colonial regimes.

He has hid his initial plan to eliminate the settler and take his position of authority, by assimilating to his beliefs. Third world Cinema is a project that has guided filmmakers through the regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

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Using a Marxist lens, he theorized that because colonies were created and maintained in violence, that a colony could only decolonize through violence The implication of both theories is represented in the film that has captured the understanding of both insightful phenomena.

The oppression then resulted in the transformation of the psychology of the oppressed Algeria[ edit ] This section includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

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