Export readiness analysis

Still unsure? Remember that two-thirds of the exporting effort is done from home. Business plan template Are you ready to go global?

Exporting basics

Understanding rules and regulations will reduce the risk of breaching legal and regulatory standards. Doing so will lead to more productive sessions and will facilitate the implementation of action items. Serious about exporting? Any new market may present political, legal, taxation or other market-specific risks and challenges. Identify sources of export financing and insurance What is "Export Readiness? Secure your funding.

Make sure you understand the intellectual property IP rights of your target market, as well as the level of IP protection or enforcement you'll have while operating. It will help them to understand your firm and to determine where they can make the best contribution to your organization.

federal export

Serious about exporting? Please be candid in answering the questions. Conduct an assessment for each of your target markets or market types since different markets will require you to modify your approach.

To receive feedback on your answers, you will first need to select an export market or market type since different factors are important depending on the particular type of market chosen. Consider everything: language and cultural issues, the challenges of different monetary systems, legal and tax implications, developing sources of financing, the need for careful research into new market opportunities, and measures to ensure the protection of your intellectual property.

Expectations: Does your firm have clear and achievable export objectives? Be risk aware. You have the option to change some of your responses or select a different market type and then see how the overall assessment of your export readiness changes.

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Check if you’re export ready