External influences in consumer behavior

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Journal of Engineering Design, 17 3— In case of conspicuous luxuries, even product consumption is influenced by reference groups. Harvard Business Review, 87 61— In general, this chapter focusses on learning about the influence of external factors by discussing how situational factors at the time and place of purchase may influence consumer behavior.

Harvard Business Review, 94 947— International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research, 12 285— A purchase may be ultimately made due to Heuristics.

Journal of Business, 76 129— References Almquist, E. RumorsRumors are the chief form of negative WOM.

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Mental Budgeting and Consumer Decisions. Other Influences Consumers are also influenced by national or regional events which could be like the Asiad, the Olympics, cricket test matches, World Cup, the war or a calamity.

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Google Scholar Wilson, L. Journal of Asia Business Studies, 8 1 , 43— Symbols VerbalNon verbal 7 Rituals A Ritual is a type of symbolic activity consisting of a series of steps occurring in a fixed sequence and repeated over time. Language and Symbols To communicate effectively with their audiences, marketers must use appropriate Language and symbols to convey desired products characteristics. Social class should be used with other measures such as life stage and life cycle. If a store plays loud rock music, they may attract young adults, but drive away older consumers. Cultural influences are highly conspicuous in communication messages. Economic Issues, 11 1 , 19— Google Scholar Johnson, L. Journal of Consumer Research, 39 2 , —

Ethnic Consumers Consulting. Such groups are prevalent in societies.

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Consumer behaviour external factors