For and against increasing life expectancy

This thus suggests that females tend to live longer than males.

increased life expectancy causes and effects

A graying Congress would be expected to be concerned foremost with protection of the status quo. Perhaps compounds in adolescent blood excite dormant stem cells, and a drug could be developed that triggers the effect without transfusion.

Our comparative study suggests some interesting things for other nations, particularly where there are developing and emerging economies.

average life expectancy

Not that long ago, vast sums were spent on iron lungs and sanitariums for treatment of polio: preventing the disease has proved much less expensive than treating it. If democracy is to remain vibrant as society ages, campaign laws must change to help challengers stand a chance versus incumbents, and the Constitution must be amended to impose a term limit on the Supreme Court, so confirmation as a justice stops being a lifetime appointment to royalty.

What is happening when your gums are inflamed is that you have a chronic bacterial infection in your mouth. Even if freed of chronic conditions, eventually our bodies would fail. Life expectancy was under 25 years in the early Colony of Virginia[35] and in seventeenth-century New England, about 40 percent died before reaching adulthood.

For and against increasing life expectancy
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Living too long