How to write a business justification example

Remember that some decision-makers may only read the executive summary, so you need to make sure that you have included everything relevant.

Components of a business case

For each one, you need to discuss: The benefits: why it would be a good idea to do it, including how far it addresses the problem; The costs, including resource requirements. What are the necessary tasks to accomplish our goals, and what wasteful tasks should we avoid or save for another project and business case? Note any risks involved with the project and briefly sketch a plan for dealing with them. Accordingly, the project sponsor and project board should review and update the business case at key stages to check that the project remains viable and the reasons for doing it are still valid. A place for higher ed marketers by higher ed marketers. If external consultants or freelancers are required, identify them here. If you have identified target user personas , include that information here. For simpler projects and smaller organizations it may not be necessary to create a complicated or even complete business case. Because some stakeholders may only read the executive summary, it's crucial to include any information that is essential to an informed decision. Keep in mind, your business case should evolve with your project. Use this section to answer the following questions: What is required? Before you write a business case, you should have carried out a fair amount of research into the problem and possible solutions. Assess Scope and Impact Finally, you should outline how far you want to take this project for the time being and how it will affect day-to-day operations. How will your project come to fruition? The more complex the organization and the more complex the project, the more complex and thorough you would expect the business case to be, as it needs to delve into significant detail to reassure management that the project is worth undertaking in light of a complex array of facts.

For instance, the option appraisal section may summarise each option with the details contained elsewhere for reference. Does your executive summary include all the essential elements and follow the same order as the complete document?

Use short sentences and break up the text with plenty of sub-headings. List the Alternatives Once you have convinced the reader that there's a problem to solve, you can show that you have considered all the possible ways of solving it.

List any assumptions that the reader should be aware of, such as, for example, that government regulations pertinent to the project will not change. Maybe you need to launch a new product. What actions are included in achieving this goal?

one page business case template

Analysis This section provides a more detailed account of the problem and why it is important to address it. The conclusion of the analysis should lead naturally to the next section.

Not sure where to start? Like in the previous section, these points can be qualitative or quantitative. When proposing solutions that involve such constraints as time, cost, and scope, it is imperative that your project is supported by a business case.

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Be as specific as possible about each point and follow them to their logical conclusions. They may list alternative locations throughout the surrounding cities. What type of marketing support is required? It usually takes the form of a print or PDF. Keep in mind, your business case should evolve with your project. If your organisation does not use a structured project management process framework use this section to include: roles and responsibilities in the project the project team and stakeholders , the project tolerances, any standards that the project should take into account, review points, and how decisions are made. Therefore, the market assessment should show a complete understanding of the marketplace in which your business operates. You should also try to develop a sense of the urgency. Consideration of options: what options were considered before this course of action undertaking the project was adopted. What plans are in place to deal with the risks? Once you've checked off all the items on the list and adjusted the business case document where required, read your document over carefully for clarity.

Costs: what is the project estimated to cost and how will this be funded. How long will it take us to accomplish it?

Business case in project management

The problem statement This section is a straightforward articulation of the problem that the project is supposed to solve. Risks: what are the risks that could affect the business case. Project Approach The project approach describes how the project is tackled. Remember that this means the business justification is working well. Is your list of potential solutions to the problem adequate? If so, there will almost certainly be detailed guidelines somewhere, including a discounting factor, which you will need to follow. Throughout these stages, it may become apparent that the project is not currently feasible. Articulate the circumstances under which it should be undertaken, including key individuals and actions. You should also include a figure -- usually an additional percent of the total -- for scope creep. Recommendation Finally, you should make a recommendation for which option is best, weighing up the costs and benefits. In any case, graphs can illustrate points that are hard to extrapolate from text-based data, so be sure to include as many as will be helpful. If you have identified target user personas , include that information here. Before you write a business case, you should have carried out a fair amount of research into the problem and possible solutions. Does the problem statement clearly indicate that action should be taken? Moreover, a business case serves as a reference point for before, after, and during your project that establishes goals, informs and guides progress, and ultimately measures performance.
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How to write a business case