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In either case, the notice must contain certain information, including: the names of the tenants the rental unit address the reason for the notice, if the tenant is evicted for cause the date the notice is served how the notice is served the number of days the tenant has to move out the final date and time for the tenant to leave the property a statement that the landlord may pursue legal action if the tenant does not move In Texas, the landlord is not obliged to accept late rent.

If you do not have a written Texas rental lease agreement, Texas law requires you to provide written notice to tenants at least one month in advance if you want to terminate the tenancy agreement and vacate the premises.

The 3-days is for any eviction reason whether it is for nonpayment of rent or for violation of the lease.

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As of , this method of service is more complicated. Texas Eviction Letter Contents A Texas landlord can draft an eviction letter or use a Texas eviction notice template available on the internet. Texas Eviction - What is the first step? An eviction suit in Texas is called a Forcible Entry and Detainer suit. If you win the lawsuit, the court will issue a Writ of Possession which informs the tenant they must leave or they will be forcibly removed by the sheriff. In Texas, a 3-Day Notice to Vacate is used when you have cause to evict. However, if he intends to make this offer to the tenant, it must appear in the notice. If the court approves the Affidavit, you may be relieved from having to pay the required courts filing fees. How do I deliver the Eviction Notice? If the tenant complies with the order or moves out by the date identified on the notice, no further action is needed.

You'll need to decide if it financially makes sense to you. In Texas, a 3-Day Notice to Vacate is used when you have cause to evict.

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Rocket Lawyer also provides the option of completing an Affidavit of Service to document the delivery. Notices must be delivered before 5pm. Landlords can face heavy fines and even jail time if they try to forcibly remove tenants by shutting off utilities or changing locks. Serving a notice does not mean you are evicting the tenant. The Texas eviction notice must advise the tenant of the number of days he or she has to cure the breach of the lease or pay the delinquent rent or vacate. Windows, doors, appliances and fixtures may not be removed. What happens if I am evicted in Texas? The information you need to complete the notice includes: Address of property and landlord or property management company Names of everyone listed on the lease Type of notice to be created: failure to pay, violation of the lease, holdover, or end month-to-month Time to vacate according to lease, at least three days in Texas Amount of rent due, if applicable, also dates covered and late fee Description of the lease violation, if applicable If you want to include an Affidavit of Service proof of document delivery Date landlord will sign the notice Exact time and date tenant must leave or pay by Once you complete the notice, it can be downloaded or printed in PDF or Word format.

Once the eviction is over and you are ready for your new Texas Lease Agreementyou can use the Texas rental application to gather basic information about prospective tenants, and SimplifyEm's tenant screening solution can give you leasing recommendations, credit reports, and criminal history for each tenant.

The tenant, however, can refuse entry to the landlord and the landlord must comply.

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When: Landlords in Texas are legally allowed to issue a Notice to Vacate the very day after a renter fails to pay their monthly rent.

Who: When the landlord needs to evict a tenant for something other than non-payment of the rent, they must issue them a written Texas 3-Day Notice to Vacate.

Make sure to keep a copy for your records with the delivery date included.

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If the tenant refuses to move out after the allotted time expires, file an eviction lawsuit. What else should I know about Texas Eviction Letters?

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