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Despite the fact, which the company is cutting on jobs because of financial losses, the question remains important that how such a big company can negate the significance of maintaining quality human resources.

Literature Review Effective human resource practices are assumed to be one of the most important aspects of any organization that works for growing itself and its employees together. Nokia is also aiming for the top of the mobile Internet market.

In fact due to this innovation, Nokia became the number one cell phone manufacturer in the world. Human Resource Practices of Nokia Introduction This paper intends to discuss the basic functions of the human resource management that are carried out by 'Nokia.

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In simple words, HRM human resource management means employing people, developing their capacities, maintaining their services in tune with the job and organizational requirement.

Nokia apparently focuses on its human capital a lot but recent incidents of announcing huge cuts of about 40, jobs since September makes the human resource practices of this company questionable.

However, the company became complacent. However, a company cannot be successful with resources alone. They provided unique phones, and constantly innovated with the help and feedback of suppliers. Emphasis today is more on strategic human resource management.

Strategic planning and management becomes the most important aspect in this context Arvey et al Pp. Having unique and appropriate human resource strategies based on internal strengths and weakness in order to take advantage of external opportunities and avoid threats make companies to succeed.

One such example is Nokia. The essay also identifies how successful companies like Nokia, Sony, Panasonic, Ikea, Commonwealth bank, have managed the impact of various internal and external factors to become leaders in their industry.

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Nokia Hrm Practices