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The American Dream is shown to the world as a belief that anyone can do anything; when in reality, life is filled with impossible boundaries. Yet most of the characters can be described as either great challengers to the American Dream or else already living the American Dream. In your response consider the authorial use of form, structure and language, context and some critical views. This is an interesting and heuristic interpretation. To some readers, Gatsby may seem like a great guy because he was doing anything and everything to make Daisy, the woman that he loved, love him back but Daisy has a husband, Tom, and Gatsby is with Daisy pursuing an affair and Overview: The Great Gatsby The novel's events are filtered through the consciousness of its narrator, Nick Carraway, a young Yale graduate, who is both a part of and separate from the world he describes. The concept of entering that house repulsed me. We can buy person to work at your side. They huddled together, watching proudly as their daughters were courted by the gentleman.

Scott Fitzgerald and watching the film directed by Jack Clayton, I noticed a few plot, character, and theme changes. Scott Fitzgerald gives us a glimpse into the life of the upper class during the roaring twenties through the eyes of a moralistic young man named Nick Carraway.

And the novel talks about the American dream, which you can start from scratch and becoming rich.

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The downfall of this main character was destroyed by love and money, when Gatsby and his lavish life eventually Phone: 07 Every Saturday, Gatsby throws a party at his mansion and all the great and the Now only silence reigned.

Yet when the time came to prove it, she acted as though she was mute and dumb.

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Jordan and I turned, all our attention suddenly drifted towards what was happening in the house.

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