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So, in whatever way a text is written, a part of its information is not explicit. Abu-Lughod, Representation only gains the meaning of representation through interpretation.

In: Hypathia, 2, S. For Abu-Lughod the dichotomy of Self and Other is crucial because it is what constitutes culture and thereby the power to represent. In: Clifford, J.

Google Scholar Geertz, Clifford : The impact of the concept of culture on the concept of man. A Re-Examination. But it is essential that the reader is the one who interprets — and deconstructs. What comes to my mind is a comparison to a photographic situation: A photographer who observes as an outsider takes a photograph from a distance and encompasses all she sees, like an ethnographer who uses classical ways of representation or like a photographing ethnographer, as a matter of fact. Google Scholar Ruddick, Sara : Maternal thinking. In: Lutz, Catherine; Dies. Google Scholar Wolf, Eric R. New York, S. In: Hymes, D.

Maybe the aim of ethnography is not only to give more voice to the subject, but to give adequate voice to both ethnographer and subject. Therefore it seems that the only way anthropology can work is to look at the Other.

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Google Scholar Abu-Lughod, Lila o. London, Pluto Press.

In: Clifford, J. Madison, S. One is always, inherently, in every position both the Other and the Self. It is the existence of these flawed truths that makes representation hard to realise and rises the question of how to go about it. Google Scholar Mudimbe, Valentine Y. London; Boston, S. Google Scholar Bloom, Howard : The importance of hugging. Weiterhin danke ich Tim Mitchell u. London, Sage.
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