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Target MSc students must demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to work independently as a civil engineer. List your keywords separated by commas ",". Paragraphs You can choose if you wish to indicate a new paragraph by using wider line spacing or indentation. Formulae If you have formulae in the report, check the following: The formulae are written according to established mathematical conventions. However, objects can be manufactured with varying degrees of precision. One either of them can also be wider. Check that the following formal requirements are met: The report is written in correct formal, not spoken language Swedish or English. Summaries in Swedish and English The summary in the language the report is written in is presented first if the two summaries will fit on one page, it is preferable to have them on the same page. There are no source references in any heading The text is your own All text has been written by you with the following exceptions: text within quotation marks, titles, etc. Pokorny, D. The selection of the reviewer and the date and time for the defence may take a few days; combined with the one week needed for the reviewing process, the student should assume at least two weeks needed for this. Preferably, an indent should not be used after a heading, image or other element that clearly indicates a new paragraph. The source is usually a book or an article, but it can also be, for example, an interview. Values and attitudes MSc students must: Demonstrate an ability to make judgments with regard to relevant scientific, social and ethical aspects, and demonstrate an awareness of ethical aspects of research and development activities; Demonstrate insight into the possibilities and limitations, its role in society and the responsibility for its use, including social and economic aspects, environmental and social aspects, and Demonstrate an ability to identify the need for further knowledge and to continuously upgrade their skills. The convention is to make it italic.

Check the following: The automatic correction feature is not causing trouble. In order to make the best of a help to write thesis writing. Learn how to write a successful graduate project with the help you can get online here.

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Essays come in various forms, as do help to write thesis subjects, professors, writing styles, and graders. Tables All tables are numbered in a separate number series and preferably have a table caption presented above the table. If you number the headings, the number must not be followed by a full stop.

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Bullet points Enumerations often become clearer if they are written in the form of bullet points, which can be numbered or unnumbered. Line spacing can be wider in a report with mathematical content involving many formulae, indices, etc. Please note that I only have capacity to consider students that are already registered at KTH for thesis project work. If your report is written in English, use English for the template Degree project, second level 30 credits Main title and optional subtitle in the same language as main title Author Optional: Image for the front page KTH School: School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Subject or program depending on current version of cover generator : E. The checklist is normally submitted to the supervisor in conjunction with notification of presentation. The course Theory and Methodology of Science should be reported with a pass mark. Comparable does not mean exact. Each appendix can be paginated separately or the page numbers can directly follow the actual report if the report's last page is number 44, the first appendix's first page number is Additionally, a least squares regression of point-cloud data which can be mapped onto a sphere can be performed easily with the provided code. Do not refer to the red arrow or similar Exceptions must be made here for images that illustrate colour changes.

Additionally, a least squares regression of point-cloud data which can be mapped onto a sphere can be performed easily with the provided code. The left and right margins can be equal in size.

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Guidelines for MSc. Projects