Models of political ideology in american society

There is also revolutionary evolution that entails the process of using non-violent movements as a means of pushing governments to accommodate youth in decision making in public institutions and policy making.

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Less frequently, it may also describe forms of classic and neoliberalism. Abstract There has been a substantial increase in research on the determinants and consequences of political ideology among political scientists and social psychologists.

War, expansionism and totalitarian controls of the populace are all justifiable in terms of power.

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Anarchism is emerging, through means such as the Internet, as a potent ideology in the anti-capitalist movement, where myriad grass-roots, non-hierarchical groups have coordinated direct participatory political actions.

Thus, we examined the interplay between two dimensions of political ideology social and economic as they relate to Dark Tetrad traits using a series of multiple regressions.

Conservatives commonly outnumber liberals in the general public with both ideological groupings being outnumbered by centrists. As such, they believe that each individual is responsible for his or her own economic prosperity; it is not the duty, or the right, of the government to provide for the people i.

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Each Dark Tetrad variable served as an outcome variable in one of the regression models. For example, based on the above rationale, we would expect those who report high economic conservatism in combination with high social liberalism to report relatively higher levels of Machiavellianism.

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Government regulation to protect the environment is an issue with particular potential to divide Republicans. The New Republic described its political standing, giving a brief overview of contemporary American liberalism, in a June editorial stating it was "very much against the Bush tax programs, against Bush Social Security 'reform,' against cutting the inheritance tax, for radical health care changes, passionate about Gore-type environmentalism, for a woman's entitlement to an abortion, for gay marriage, for an increase in the minimum wage, for pursuing aggressively alternatives to our present reliance on oil and our present tax preferences for gas-guzzling automobiles". Cultural pluralism is quite common among American liberals. Anarchism[ edit ] Anarchism is anti-state, asserting that all hierarchical power structures are corrupt. Each Dark Tetrad variable served as an outcome variable in one of the regression models. As anarchism is inconsistent with 'government' as it is most commonly conceptualized, its most potent expressions have been through different organizations. Youthnism[ edit ] It is an Ideology of political and economic inclusion of youth aged by claiming and creating spaces for decision making in public institutions.
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Political Theory/Ideologies of Government