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Club was positive in his review, stating that the "chugging" chorus and composition "should ring across dance floors for years to come[ As the song fades, Madonna is in her red kimono walking and laughing towards the camera and then the screen rapidly fades to black.

Chainani from The Crimson was positive in his review, stating, "The video is deliciously subversive. No matter how much is going on, the real important things are always there shining the brightest.

Nothing really matters now, nothing really matters but you. Promis from AllMusic believed the single's lack of charting success in North America was due "to the terrible timing of the single's release, which was much after radio and club airplay had peaked.

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Considine from The Baltimore Sun felt the song was a "smart, groove-intensive tune". How were you inspired to write this? Dive deeper into Gabrielle Aplin and her new song in our interview below. Johnson from the St. With her geisha-girl-gone-club-hopping outfit last night, [ Promis from AllMusic reviewed the single release and awarded it two-and-a-half stars out of five. De Vries had added electronic noise frequencies during the first chorus of the song, stating that he had a "vision on how the song should be finished". The next week, it descended to number 22, and continued down to its final appearance at number 49, being present for a total of six weeks on the chart. It's then that the power of good-bye becomes better than the power of acceptance. This scene carries on through the rest of the song.

Lyrically I wanted it to feel like I was rattling off excuses to procrastinate. Of course not.

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As a result, Madonna did not want him to produce the track. This scene carries on through the rest of the song.

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Madonna: Nothing Really Matters (Video )