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How to do political science research

Also, such a question is too broad for a focused research paper. All papers must have references and a bibliography. With that said, it is important not to confuse your topic with your queries. What specific data would be helpful in answering your question? The key to building precise and persuasive theories is to develop and test hypotheses. You write the paper to convince your reader that your answer is correct. The Data Analysis The form that your data analysis takes will be determined to a large degree by your choice of method or approach. For example: "Mill thinks freedom is achieved when rights and freedoms are protected from being infringed upon by other people or the government. When you write a paper, your thesis the argument you make to answer your research question should reflect your own original thinking.

Select materials that can help you answer the research question without any additional investigation. Public law focuses on the role of law and courts in the political process. Follow the citation style used in the American Political Science Review.

writing a research paper in political science

Make up a political science research paper outline that will help you in maintaining the primary statements and preserving coherence in your writing. Knowing that political scientists value objectivity may help you in making decisions about how to write your paper and what to put in it.

The thesis is the argument that you will make in your paper. If you have interviewed General X, you must footnote the date and place of your interview. Develop a thesis You must offer a thesis in the introduction of your paper.

Political science research design outline

They see themselves as engaged in revealing the relationships underlying political events and conditions. This is just one. Students, for example, who decide to use the "case study approach" must devote some time to addressing the "small n problem. If you haven't decided it yet, you can choose one of the following political science research paper topics: History of international law The issue of cultural pluralism Impact of political advertising on the viewers Democracy and opinion polls Marxism echoes in modern politics Exploring the nuclear triad Interconnection of the Internet and Globalism Role of member-countries in the World Trade Organization A policy of Green Energy and fighting global warming The phenomenon of Rational Choice Telecommunication Policies in different countries Women politicians and how they can change the world Child-soldiers across the globe How tax policies influence standards of living What is hidden behind the electoral process Rape Shield Law Comparative politics and its pitfalls Major political strategies and their effectiveness Modern era politics and their contributions to modern societies Approach this academic task responsibly - an excellent result always requires diligence, patience and time. A few is fine, but more than that could cost you, especially with serious academics. The following suggestions should help you find objective and truthful evidence in your research process. No, you won't end up using all of them, but it will give you all the options you need to write a great paper. You might ask a question and offer an answer that either confirms or disconfirms a theory in the discipline. Don't forget about interesting images, charts, graphs, etc Practical part.

A study chasing a trend throughout history would probably do well by divvying chapters up according to time periods, or yaers. The following suggestions should help you find objective and truthful evidence in your research process.

Outside sources More often than not, whether you're a high school or college student, you will be permitted, even encouraged to use sources that are not part of the class readings.

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