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In my Portfolio you will find a Narrative essay about a memory that had to do with language and an Argumentative essay based on Social Media where I argue how Social Media apps ruin face-to-face interaction.

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This author frames this reflection as a newsletter written in the third person as a means to convey the compelling story of her journey as an international student in English B.

One of the main goals of my projects was for people to notice cyber-bullying because it can have tragic results on a large group of people. Among other things, I added details to the roller coaster story.

So why would I need to revise now? How your book came to life is a journey in itself. This portfolio showcases me delving deeper into different discourses e. That was the story of meeting one of my high school girlfriends, Nicole.

I learned a vast range of things about cyber-bullying which supplemented by my increased knowledge in rhetorical strategy and audience development, hopefully allowed me to reach my audience effectively and make them aware of this social cause.

I wanted to feel relaxed and prepared for the challenges, and so I was.

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Once I relaxed more and approached the task of writing as something enjoyable and something that didn't have to sound formalist or focus even on an academic discourse, I began to find my voice.

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Tony Filipovitch Portfolio Preface