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Also consider letters with accommodating shapes, such as V or O. After re-writing their poems, they trace their writing with skinny markers. It includes what the colour means to you and what it reminds you of. Students will Analyze published shape poems to determine what they are and how they are written Use sensory language while writing poems to accurately convey to the reader what they are experiencing Analyze their use of sensory language by incorporating peer feedback in response to their theme poems Session 1: Introduction to Shape Poems 30 minutes Ask students what they think a shape poem is. Switch readers so that everyone has a turn to share their poem. Ask partners to make sure they, as the readers, feel they can experience what the author does by reading the poems. Tell students that you will be reading aloud a few poems from the book. For a lot of writing with young children, usually one draft is enough, but with poetry writing I like to have a way of writing a polished, edited piece and creating a display. Have you taught colour or shape poetry before?

At this point, students are fairly confident and independent in writing their colour poetry drafts. There are different variations of colour poetry out there, but for this lesson we used a template and format that works for primary children.

It has the ability of connecting children to literature that other resources cannot. Students are taught how to use a ruler to draw straight lines of the appropriate length. Which shape would the recipient like best?

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After completing the poem, hand out copies of the Five Senses Checklist. Sweet juice drips down from my mouth as I crunch into the apple crunch, crunch. They use a ruler to draw the appropriate number of lines to fit the poem.

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Each offers a wealth of engaging poems and activities to build a ton of skills and a love of poetry!

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Shape Poetry: The Fun Way to Teach Poetry Writing