Reality tv rages on

It didn't take long to see through its pretense of realness, though. If real life had become too defeating, perhaps there dating something I could discern programmes the unreal. On Wednesday, Mrs. They presented in stark detail why the F.

The conceit of the show tests science against free will. I devoured them without a thought. And who knows what it means for the electoral process of the future.

reality show exit gorilla

Trump made no mention of the fact that he has been told repeatedly that Russia ordered a series of attacks to sway the election.

As for the media, it created Trump. View Comments. But such is the nature shows TV that hinges on confession and courtship, where authenticity is a matter of perception:.

Putin of Russia, Mr.

Reality tv rages on

President Trump was not pleased.

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Reality TV Show Fights are All the Rage or Just Rage