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Related posts:. As expected, the beginning has a brief prologue with the countrys political climate before jetting off to deal with the Seventies in a year-by-year basis, mostly revolving around a rotation of drama between a married couples five growing boys, and their growing involvement in the countrys politics.

Because of the EDSA revolution, the Filipino people became even more adamant to protect the right to free speech and peaceful assembly.

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Another thing also is that it seems as if they should be more open to their feelings and not suppressed by what role they should play as defined by gender. At times you see in the movie a conflict of family and government. Gani, however, quickly became the goat of the family because he had made the simplest mistake of getting a girl, his girlfriend Evelyn, pregnant. Sometime before he was sent to prison, Jules himself met a girl he wanted to marry. Suppression of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association The constitution guarantees the right to free speech and peaceful assembly. It describes the internal struggles faced by a typical Filipino during that period in our history. We Filipinos should take a more active role in the promotion, upliftment, and protection of our rights. In Martial Law, everyone needs to be very vigilant since unexpected things might happen and your good fate might turn into hell. Amanda Bartolome is a mother of a middle-class family who has five young sons.

She is considered as a mere support system to the family instead of an actual individual with dreams and problems. He stole from his parents.

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Article III Section 12 2 : No torture, force, violence, threat, intimidation, or any other means which vitiate the free will shall be used against him.

There are touches of seventies style Filipino humor that foreign audiences might miss; they effectively establish that this is a real, average Filipino family trying to navigate through the eye of the political storm.

He became exposed to rebellious reading material, and inevitably molded his mind into that of guerilla. I do salute her for being strong.

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It is merely not fair for all of us.

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