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After having two failed marriages, Janie meets Tea Cake, a suave, charming younger man who truly loves Janie. With Tea Cake, Janie is no longer the possession that she was to Joe, and the love that she feels is not based solely on security and protection.

For some it comes naturally.

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A voice gives someone independence and the ability to make her own decision. The final, climactic portion of this scene acts as the central metaphor of the novel and illustrates the pivotal interactions that Janie, the protagonist, has with her Nanny and each of her three husbands.

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Black Folks in a White Society Their Eyes Were Watching God is a fictional story that tells a very realistic and non-fictitious perspective on the lives of the black folks, particularly of women.

It gives the viewer the story of how a young and energetic black woman refused to be defined by the prevailing social norms and social structure of her time. Here, Hurston emphasized that age did not matter when it comes to love, that a younger man could fall in love with a much older woman.

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Reflection Their Eyes Were Watching God