Role of media in national integration essay

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Role of mass media in promoting national integration in india

The struggle for independence generated a spirit of unity and nationalism amongst the people and a large contribution to this came from the media, i. Media exposed the true face of British imperialism and colonialism, and helped in creating awareness and consequent unity among Indians to fight the British. According to Rev. Factual reporting is the essence of journalism and if the press starts reporting facts there would be a lot of betterment in the society. The same holds good for regionalism exacerbated no doubt by inequitable development amongst different region of this country. It tells is what is behind us and speaks to us what we should aspire to be. But, by and by, the enthusiasm of the people began to wane; their incentive for work began to die away. Geographically our land is diverse and there are amazing differences in climate. The same values that get conveyed through media; or indirectly, help sustain nationalism and thus nationalism integration What is Media Media is the link between the people of a country to propagate the information from one end of the country to the other either by electronic means or by the means of print, i. Robinson, R.

If the media exposed the truth of the facts to the people, it was criticized by the government that media exaggerated the truth and did not considered the national interest on the top priority.

Why should they at all feel pained at the sight of man set against man? It also played a great role in the formulation of the society on democratic lines. There are many forces that come in the way of our national integration. Media enriches this sharing.

Role of media in national integration essay

Now days in a society Media plays a very important role. It helps promoting the right things on right time.

Impact of media in promoting national integration

It not only mirrors our times, but media also engenders discourse and consciousness. How the media the fourth pillar of democracy plays a significant role in various spheres of life of country? In earlier days, not everyone was able to know what exactly happened and the whole picture used to become clear after a much delay but with the wide reach of media via Television and Internet, everyone gets the news instantly and easily evaluates the situation by various means. But they do much more. Our one constant prayer all thought the ages has been: Media has a constructive role to play for the society. This is the 60th year of the Councils formation. Related Papers. In the process of this sharing, media creates new experiences. Journalism, at best, can act as a watch dog. They are projecting what they want instead of projecting the reality. Media enriches this sharing.

The contribution and the sacrifice of the newspaper and magazines of that time are still quoted. This can also be seen as the growth of consciousness of belonging to one nation.

Despite a shared culture of so many years, linguistics diversities and communalism have often generated tensions and conflicts among different communities threatening the fabric of national unity.

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The Role of Media in National Integration