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In terms of legal structure, social enterprises have many options. When you are first starting out you might be able to beg, steal and borrow but if you want to become sustainable you need to be realistic about the resources you need.

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Stubbornly ignoring the inevitability of spreadsheets is a scarily common problem among social entrepreneurs. What resources do you need? They take a wide view.

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A social enterprise has many stakeholders and the business plan is a good platform for dialogue with all parties. The Huffington Post reports that as of , 31 percent of those defining themselves as social enterprises were LLCs. I see it as a more involved, iterative method of conducting market research. What resources you will need to make this happen — people, premises, materials? A lot of good ideas come out of bad ones — but first impressions tend to stick. Answer the questions and you will have a deep understanding of your new social enterprise. It asks all the right questions so you are sure you have covered all the right aspects in your social enterprise. Remember to include alternative suppliers in case your main supplier lets you down. Write an executive summary Your executive summary is a top line overview of your business plan; why you are setting up your enterprise, who you hope to help, and a general overview of your business structure. Find a template that suits your business Red Ochre has some great templates specifically for your social enterprise. In the United States, most nonprofits use the c 3 structure, which allows the organization to be tax exempt, and requires regular reporting to the IRS. Use statistics and reports to supplement your business vision. List their names, addresses and contact details. As for the model, it may take even longer to figure that part out. Be realistic with how many sales you are likely to make and try to base this on evidence where possible.

Form should follow function and the legal structure should support the purpose and activities of the enterprise. MB: If the business is the body, the business plan is the skeleton, supporting the whole thing, and the business model is the heart, pumping money through the body.

Business plan 3. It does not need to include detailed descriptions, price lists or other materials. Again, the main thing is to spend time thinking about it.

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How much money will you have coming in? Environmental Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy 1. You can learn more about pivoting via the Lean Startup principles here.

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What have you done to show that there is a demand for your service? Are you offering a cheap service? Use statistics and reports to supplement your business vision. Table of suppliers please fill in this table to summarise the information. Advice from an expert attorney may be needed. The point is really not to conform to a specific template. MB: The Lean business methodology, at its heart, is about figuring out an idea. SGG: Who should write a business plan?
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Business Plans and Planning for Social Enterprises and Nonprofits