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It took until to arrange another conference, which was wrecked when Germany demanded equal armaments with Britain and France.

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In , following the murder of Italian General Enrico Tellini and his staff within the borders of Greece, Benito Mussolini retaliated by bombing and invading the Greek island Corfu. When Russia, which was not a member of the League, attacked a port in Persia in , Persia appealed to the League for help. Upon arriving back in Washington , D. However, in the honeymoon period of its first few years when there appeared to be a genuine desire for peace after the horrors of World War One , the League did have successes, though these tended to be in areas that had little strategic or economic importance. The League was asked to settle this dispute. However, the Treaty of Versailles had put Memel and the land surrounding the port under the control of the League. Why Did the League of Nations Fail? Another serious failure was the inability of the League to stop the Chaco War —35; see under Gran Chaco between Bolivia and Paraguay.

Inthe League was successful in resolving a problem in Memel. Thanks for watching! Its failures were due as much to the indifference of the great powers, which preferred to reserve important matters for their own decisions, as to weaknesses of organization.

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Upon arriving back in WashingtonD. Other treaties such as the Washington Treaty and the Locarno Pact are a sign that nations did not think the League could stop wars. The League decreed a settlement that was accepted by both countries.

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In the League secretariat in Geneva was reduced to a skeleton staff; some of the technical services were removed to the United States and Canada. The League intervened and after a six week enquiry decided that the territory should be split between Germany and Poland.

The Bulgarians asked the League for help and the League ordered both armies to stop fighting and that the Greeks should pull out of Bulgaria.

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