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Shoppers with more disposable income want something that 'looks like a brand,' said Clarke. In recent years Tesco, which takes almost one pound in every seven spent on the UK high street, has lagged behind the growth of its supermarket rivals but Clarke said he saw scope for further expansion of the chain despite its problems. In the eight years to the retail giant successfully halved its energy use per sq foot of store space in the UK — no mean feat at a time of continued, relentless growth. The market share of the group stands at Tesco — as the UK's biggest retailer, with a growing presence in other key markets — has established a strong record, but is now matching that with some even more impressive targets to grow sustainably. So you create brands. Figures then reveal a They are taking money out of promotions and putting it into EDLP [everyday lower prices]. They described the lineup as "very strong", with an excellent range of entries and three worthy finalists. The bigger challenge Tesco faces, however, is in its supply chain and among its millions of customers. The Livingston distribution centre in Scotland will soon be equipped with a six megawatt CHP plant, while the California distribution centre has one of the largest roof-mounted solar installations in North America. We're giving customers a more straightforward shop, reducing the number of promotions and putting the emphasis on clear and reliable savings that everyone can benefit from. A zero carbon business The initiative — launched in — will, if successful, see Tesco become a zero-carbon business by , without purchasing offsets. Become a GSB member to get more stories like this direct to your inbox Topics. In the face of criticism of the chain's lacklustre domestic performance, as one supermarket executive puts it, "Brasher had to do something".

The recession is having a lasting impact on shoppers, who have abandoned supermarket family loyalties to hunt around for the best deal. So you create brands. Photograph: Alamy Tesco is the UK's undisputed supermarket heavyweight champion, but in recent years it has been looking flabby as its smaller rivals landed punch after punch on it, chipping away at its crown at home as it went off to contend in overseas markets.

Walmart-owned Asda is also unmoved. I think the UK can continue to grow its stores at least for three years broadly at the pace we have seen for the past five years.

A template for future stores An all-timber new look store in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, is meanwhile creating a zero-carbon template for future store development at home and abroad. In the face of criticism of the chain's lacklustre domestic performance, as one supermarket executive puts it, "Brasher had to do something".

They want to have something sat in their bathroom that looks like it is a brand. The retailer is also tackling the thorny issue of refrigerants, which account for a quarter of carbon emissions.

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Tesco: How one supermarket came to dominate