The bond between mother and daughter in the woman warrior a book by maxine hong kingston

When looking at the three woman warrior figures in the book - her aunt, the No Name Woman; the rewritten legendary warrior in "White Tigers" based upon the Mulan legend ; and the poet and barbarian captive, Ts'ai Yen - the characteristics that unite them all are their determined attempts at asserting their own kinds of power, femininity, and individuality in patriarchal Chinese society.

The bond between mother and daughter in the woman warrior a book by maxine hong kingston

I managed to get through it out of sheer determination. We could yet tango into the fog together, maybe a year from now, when things have settled down, and be able to exist mysteriously there together, pale and happy for a time.

But because the parents refuse to tell the story in any detail, Kingston establishes a few plausible occurrences on her own.

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The movie "Mulan" is similar to one of the chapters called "White Tigers. This is the wrong way to experience this book. After all her but,Es were over she went back to being a mother and wife. The insights into Chinese culture and the almost lyrical style of the storytelling will keep you more than interested in this author's story. I can't quite figure out why I didn't, as yours was exactly the kind of book I was seeking when I bought it: I wanted a lyrical memoir, poetic nonfiction, something not linear, a true story but with imaginative language, pretty sentences, something that worked on an associative not merely a narrative level. That is why you need to story-talk - to be. The way the author's mother, and her relationship with her mother, are portrayed at different ages hits home, even though my past is obviously very different. I was also left a bit uncomfortable with her interactions with and portrayal of a person with cogni To be fair, Maxine Hong Kingston has zero responsibility to represent any aspect of Chinese-American culture that she doesn't want to or identify with, but I am really not fond of the mysticism and superstition-steeped flavor of immigrant fiction.

The book is sectioned into five chapters, illustrating MHK's American experience: No Name Woman tells the story of her aunt who was ostracized for having an illegitimate child; White Tigers weaves the story of Fa Mu Lan- the mythical character to whom MHK most relates- who goes to battle in her father's stead and saves a village; Shaman tells the story of her mother, Brave Orchid, becoming a doctor in the old country and her immigration to America; At The Western Palace covers her mother's sister, Moon Orchid, in her journey to California in the hope of reconciling with her estranged husband; A Song for A Barbarian Reed Pipe reflects a poignant message of preservation of an ebbing culture and a melding of the current ones.

Kingston's retellings are part of the idea that a culture growing up in one country can appropriate the lessons of their parents, who grew up in another.

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There's a lot of focus on Maxine Hong Kingston's mother, who is simultaneously interesting and completely annoying. I chose this book to read because it teaches you lessons how to overcome struggles in your life and be patient in life. When I had to wash dishes, I would crack one or two. In the last 3 years at university I had to read 4 different books all surrounding this exact same problem. I think that this is a great book. And throughout the entire book, there is the same restless ambivalence that is found in "No Name Woman": the yearning to reconcile a divided identity. She is shaped as much by t If you are not heard, you don't exist. I think they will enjoy this book because it talks about historical Chinese traditions and the traditional stories that were told to each other. But as Kinston growing up in America, she is struggling because America is a whole different society. A section would start with some basic facts and events, but before I knew it, it would meander into speculation or just straight-up fantasy. Fuck your morals because you my dear, have none! It probably deserves your undivided attention. Not even a little bit. How do you find self-worth if you are nothing more than a maggot? I don'the always quite quite understand.

This is by no means an average by-the-book memoir. Required reading for Chinese daughters.

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I could appreciate the structuring and goals of the work, but for similar effects and writing, I'd recommend Sandra Cisneros' The House on Mango Street or work by Amy Tan instead.

I, personally, found this book a witty display of an Americanised mindset. You won't tell me a story and then say, "This is a true story,' or "This is just a story. Really enjoyed the mix of Chinese folklore with biography.

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