The historic figure of constantine the great

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Not wanting questions about the divine nature of Christ to sow discord, Constantine summoned church officials to the Council of Nicaea in Emperor Diocletian tried to bring order by distributing power to a four-ruler tetrarchy that would govern the four quarters of the empire.

Later Constantine would go on to wage war on paganism; tearing down temples and forbidding any pagan rites of public or private worship.

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Constantine then joined his father on a military campaign and fought alongside him in Britain. He rode from post-house to post-house at high speed, hamstringing every horse in his wake. During an in depth study of St. Constantine was providing financial assistance to all the previously persecuted Christian communities for their maintenance and rebuilding. The Christian clergy were given all the privileges granted to pagan priests. He expanded his portion of the Roman Empire. In spite of a large donative pledge to any who would support him as emperor, most of Constantine's army remained loyal to their emperor, and Maximian was soon compelled to leave. Throughout his reign he beautified the Christian empire by adorning the holy places and establishing monumental Churches. Maxentius raised an army of , foot soldiers and 18, horsemen. In the person of the emperor, the empire became Christian without passing through the crisis of the baptismal trial. Constantine for a new investigation into the matter. The city was in the Roman province of Moesia which is in the present day country of Serbia. The council also determined numerous other matters, including the date for the celebration of Pascha, and the formal acceptance of the doctrine of the Trinity. Though they may far from Christ and His Church, they are not necessarily rejecting the truth of Christ but are pursuing Him from within the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Although the East usually regards the time of St. The actual seat of the Roman government was not moved to Constantinople until AD. For a time, Constantine stood by as others ruled the Eastern Roman Empire.

The historic figure of constantine the great

Thanks for watching! Constantine now considered himself a follower of the Christian faith.

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Spiritually, he was a catechumen: one devoted to the Christ and whose primary spiritual focus is that of demonic warfare for the preservation of faith. Shortly afterwards, Constantine discovered the terrible truth and Fausta dies; perhaps by the will of Constantine, perhaps in suicide, neither is known with certainty.

This had a lasting impact on him. Constantine was able to spend a year in northern Britain at his father's side, campaigning against the Picts beyond Hadrian's Wall in the summer and autumn. Consequently the victory he had won with the help of the Christian God had placed the emperor — and thereby the empire as well — under the protection of the Cross and in direct dependence upon Christ.

Trusting the false testimony of Fausta, and being personally shamed so soon after his decree against such things, Constantine gave his beloved son over to trial and execution. The ancient city was strategically located on the European side of the Strait of Bosporus, so it would control traffic to and from the Black Sea.

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Biography for Kids: Constantine the Great