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Each element packs a very complex and intricate subject, which will be explained and addressed to fit the purpose of this thesis. Wildlife watching tours can only be recommended in very few cases due to the vulnerability of most German wildlife species, for example in case when wildlife is already used to humans, appropriate distance and behaviour is assured and group sizes are kept to a minimum.

In this way, it provides more credibility for the recommendations later proposed. Field research was of prime importance as the German domestic wildlife tourism market has not been assessed before and no specific secondary data on this topic has been published.

They ranged between city administration, metropolitan governance, public institutions, and private but with public shares and duties organizations.

Whereas the academic field of environmental ethics already evolved at the end of the s Huiying, only recently the issue of environmental ethics has been brought in context with tourism. The diversity of global changes happening at the accelerated speed of globalization has created opportunities and challenges for the urban setting.

The fact that the thesis subject has not been assessed before implied that the researcher was highly dependent on primary data. The organisation works on different wildlife conservation programmes and offers one wildlife-based tour in Germany see chapter 4.

Zoning separates visitors from vulnerable areas, so that these specific areas can regenerate. A challenge has been that many of the online-survey-links were deleted by the website or group administrators right after being released - often without proper explanations and immediate cancellation of accounts and despite having contacted the administrator beforehand - which required the researcher to invest more time to distribute the links.

Two online surveys were conducted to gain insights into the wants, needs, motivation and particularities of current and potential German wildlife tourists and their interest in wildlife conservation.

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Wildlife Tourism in Germany