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The quality of water from household connections and community water points in low-income countries is not reliably safe for direct human consumption. Third, we really ought to know by now that we cannot forecast the unanticipated side effects of technology.

At the same time, technologies should be environmentally sustainable, that is, based primarily upon renewable resources, such as growing plants and taking energy from the sun, water, and wind as opposed to such non-renewable resources as fossil fuels.

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It is now our task to pick up from where they left, and make a better future — a human-sized future — a reality. The principle of Village Level Operation and Maintenance is important with handpumps, but may be difficult in application. Since such solutions must be tailored to the particular society in which they are applied, they are now often called "appropriate technologies.

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It would more than likely, however, put many laborers and artisans out of business. New York: PublicAffairs.

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Appropriate technology