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Intelligent Trend No. These blockchain-inspired solutions are positioned as a means to achieve operational efficiency by automating business processes, or by digitizing records.

From among these predictions, those related to new technological standards stand out first and foremost, given that they will end up revolutionizing every industry, in an age when digital transformation plays a major role.

Latest technology trends 2018

According to Vijay Pande , a partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, quantum computing is moving out of the science domain and into the engineering phase. Blockchain has impressive prospects in the field of digital transactions which will open new business opportunities in Autonomous things. Virtual assistance for patients, computational drug discovery, and genetics research give a glimpse of the amazing use cases in medicine. Traditional security techniques using ownership and control rather than trust will not work in the digital world. It also allows for much greater customization of products, without worrying about economies of scale. Enterprises should begin using edge design patterns in their infrastructure architectures — particularly for those with significant IoT elements. This applies to all business participants: from the company's developers to partners. Digital Ethics and Privacy Digital ethics and privacy is a growing concern for individuals, organizations and governments. With this approach, processing is kept closer to the end point rather than having the data sent to a centralized server in the cloud.

With an estimated 21 billion connected sensors and endpoints bydigital twins will exist for billions of things in the near future. However, the developments in quantum computing are going a lot faster than expected. Finally, Facebook had to shut down two algorithms that created its own secret language, unsolicited and used advanced strategies to get what it wanted.

As the initial hype around blockchain in the financial services' industry will slow down, we will see many more potential use cases for the government, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries.

Will there even be a need for wires anymore?

The technology trends

Prescriptive analytics is driving the future of Big Data. AI has become the next major battleground in a wide range of software and service markets, including aspects of ERP. This technology has made it to the top of technology trends lists for many years now and likely will continue to take one of the top spots in the coming decade. From truck drivers to bricklayers to doctors, the list of jobs that are likely to be affected by automation is surprising. Both have enormous potential in training, entertainment, education, marketing, and even rehabilitation after an injury. As long as organisations that develop internet connected devices do not take security seriously, and develop products such as cardiac devices that can be hacked or CCTV cameras with serious bugs, this trend will only get worse. Autonomous things. Enterprises should begin using edge design patterns in their infrastructure architectures — particularly for those with significant IoT elements. However, we are not there yet. IoT gadgets are getting more popular and widely used, yet they remain extremely insecure in terms of the data privacy. Implementing techniques like behavioral analysis enables detecting and stopping an attack capable of bypassing the static protective systems. For that, we need prescriptive analytics. One solution currently in the works is the Fujitsu Data Exchange Network.

Although this position is quite new, it is getting mainstream. While Machine Learning is a subset of AI, we also have subsets within the domain of Machine Learning, including neural networks, natural language processing NLPand deep learning.

Technology trends 2018

It did so without any human data as input and purely played against itself. Alexa being able to answer you and gauge our emotions e. Trend 4: The incredible rise of artificial intelligence AI Computers are now able to learn in much the same way as we humans do, and this leap in AI capabilities has been made possible by the massive increases in data and computing power. Digital Ethics and Privacy Digital ethics and privacy are topics that are receiving more and more attention from both private individuals as well as associations and government organizations. To learn more about potential jobs in AI, read about building a career in AI or why you should earn an AI certification. Deep learning will be faster and data collection better Nowadays, deep learning faces certain challenges associated with the data collection and the complexity of the computations. Insights You Can Use The Gartner top 10 strategic technology trends for highlight changing or not yet widely recognized trends that will impact and transform industries through Applications or organisations can select a sensor across the globe, make a micropayment to the owner of the sensor and get direct access to the data stream of that sensor, which can be used for data analytics or applications — a revolutionary marketplace, with already over 30 participants, including Microsoft, Fujitsu, Orange and Accenture. For example, blockchain strongly influences the intellectual property management and opens new insights in protection from copyright infringement. Between and , computing power doubled at a rate of every two years, before slowing to the current rate of approximately every two and a half years. Experts were predicting that the AI would beat humans in the Go game by However, ordinary organisations, as well as small and medium enterprises, are likely to miss out, as the power of AI will consolidate among just a few players and countries. Another adds data loss prevention and behavioral analytics to the list.
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