The theme of freedom in anne franks the diary of a young girl

When, where, how…? The Nuremberg trials revealed fully what can happen when a state decides to dehumanize its citizens. Fritz Pfeffer was moved to Neuengamme concentration camp in Germany probably via Sachsenhausen or Buchenwaldwhere he died on December 20, Please Note, if you are online you can read, print, download or listen to as a podcast any of the following Freedom Essays by clicking on them, or you can find them all at www.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

The diary of anne frank questions and answers

Was it those who enforced the legislation? Genocide: Deliberate, systematic murder of an entire political, cultural, racial, or religious group. After her fifteenth birthday she wrote: "One of the many questions that have often bothered me is why women have been, and still are thought to be, so inferior to men. SS: Schutzstaffel, black-shirted elite guard of Hitler, later the political police in charge of the concentration and death camps. Forced-labor camps: Camps where prisoners were used as slave labor. April The Nazis declare a boycott of Jewish businesses and medical and legal practices. July 31, The Nazis receive Describe a typical day for you under these restrictions. In approximately , Jews had lived in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation; , Jews there, three out of every four, perished. The United States participates. The German invasion and conquest of the Netherlands began on May 10, , and ended on May 14, after the destruction of Rotterdam.

Hermann van Pels was the first to die. Miep and Jan Gies remained in Amsterdam, raising a son. Aryan was made up by the Nazis to refer to a racial ideal that they claimed was "superior"—that is, the "master race.

what lessons can we learn from anne frank

But however obvious this conclusion may seem, it runs counter to the prevailing reductionist trend. The last time Hanneli managed to get a small Red Cross package over the fence to Anne. Summer Olympic games are held in Berlin, Germany.

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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank