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Twelve species of the Vibrioceae family are known to cause diseases in human. Studying vibrio spp. The responsible main supervisor must be an NTNU-employee in a position as professor, professor II, associate professor or assistant professor. The change must be recommended by your supervisor. Students who arrive later in the semester should contact the student adviser directly. Remember that materials already used for reports and credits cannot be used again for thesis except to include them as appendices. An exception is that the thesis should have a much more extensive background section. Subject The thesis can be about any subject related to the natural science aspect of Biotechnology. A case study of Salmonella spp. Often there will additionally be co-supervisors who can be PhD-candidates, post docs or researchers affilitated with the project. A large number of individuals everywhere throughout the world are experiencing some type of this sort of medical problem. These must be listed in the master's agreement. Users of the reading rooms must show consideration for fellow students, and reading rooms must be kept quiet and orderly.

Otherwise attach all necessary documentation, such as a doctors notice, or submit it as soon as possible. The purpose of this study was to isolate azurin producing native Pseudomonas isolates along with the confirmation of azurin presence This often results in the contamination of water bodies with Read up on the project proposals link belowdiscuss with other students and use the departments web page to get an overview of the different research groups.

Evaluation of MicrocinE gene presence in Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from clinical samples. Lactic acid bacteria show antimicrobial properties and these are generally recognized as safe GRAS. In spite of having a plethora of information on the virulent factors of this bacteria, no definite vaccines have yet been designed or Work places and reading rooms are intended for study activities.

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Most people, advisor and advisee alike, find it helpful to have at least some ideas about what and how you plan to write before approaching somebody for advice. A case study of Salmonella spp. These must be listed in the master's agreement. Questions concerning access can be sent to Kristin Belsaas. In TBT Biotechnology, specialization course, the students choose two modules at 3,75 credits each. Non-natural science issues such as business, law, ethics, can be included only as a small portion of the major picture. This resistance present in some strains makes Pseudomonas a very difficult to treat once Twelve species of the Vibrioceae family are known to cause diseases in human. Studying vibrio spp. Analysis of enteric pathogenicity of multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas spp. In case of absence another student may use the work space, provided they leave the space in the same condition as the holder left it in. As these water bodies are a major part of diurnal and recreational activities, contamination Specialization project TBT : See the course description.

Being the capital of Bangladesh Dhaka city faces multiple pollution problems due to rapid urbanization leading to unplanned industrialization. Please inform your advisor of all rules and deadlines. In case of new violations, the department may reassign the work space to another student.

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They should not be the main, or the only, theme of the thesis. The change must be recommended by your supervisor. This means that up to 22,5 credits can be lower degree level courses.

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Thesis (Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology)