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I have been creating asemic writing for about 20 years now, but only seriously for the past 15 years. There is a sense of infancy within the realm of asemic writing.

tim gaze asemic writing art

I hope also that the implications of asemic writing can knock holes in some of the currently accepted literary theory, especially Derrida's ideas about writing. Other older works that I discovered along the way are the enigmatic Voynich Manuscript and the Rohonc Codex, though these works fall more into the category of cipher mysteries than asemic writing.

In one sense, anything done by a human is natural.

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There is a flow, a current, parts of which are carved on on a flat-field. MJ: Is there a spiritual dimension to asemic writing? I was doing something similar in '98, but I didn't make contact with them until , when I had the resources to officially publish and had gained Internet access. Used to think I was more of a Taoist. Henri Michaux was the Godfather of the form, with his work Narration being an early example of wordless writing. Or a part of it? The video illustrates lines ebbing and flowing in a vertical motion that one may associate with sound recordings having said that, much of the movement becomes full circular motions of lines.

It isn't the occasional appearance of asemics in a wider context of art, but it seems now a specific practice or current. An unstoppable chain reaction, similar to the exponential release of neutrons when a critical mass of fissile material is assembled.

Bookmark the permalink. There are almost people in the Facebook group, with 50 or so who are hardcore and madly into it. His short fiction, essays and visual poems have been published widely in magazine and anthologies, and translated into Dutch and Portuguese.

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Personally, I am the most interested in newly invented symbols, but can't deny the other approaches to making wordless writing or illegible writing or writing-like images. Group exhibits of asemic writing have occurred in bricks and mortar art galleries in Australia[47] Russia[48] Malta[49] Mexico[50] Spain[51] Italy[52] and the United States.

Do you think the practice of asemic writing is something different from visual poetry?

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Ease who have brought graffiti into asemic writing, there is also a robot that performs asemic writing live, and there are architecture models which incorporate asemic writing in the design process. Overlaying or assembling parts of images in a paint program is similar to multi-track recording. They can be used to help open you up, so that you can see deep inside yourself. Relative asemic writing is a natural writing system that can be read by some people but not by everyone e. One of the main ways to experience an asemic work is as unreadable, but still attractive to the eye. A friend once said that I looked as if I was doing martial arts. Also called asemasia or asymbolia. The rectangle is a universal symbol which is deeply written into contemporary human culture. Time will tell. Everybody is familiar with illegible or least difficult-to-read cursive handwriting. This is my belief. This rectangle is present in every use of that medium. In my mind, the movement is not just about examples of asemic writing; it also has potential to ask us to rethink some fundamental questions such as: What is writing? My earliest influences, besides my mother reading to me, were the false writing systems in comics and cartoons.

My point is that—without words, asemic writing is able to relate to all words, colors, and even music, irrespective of the author or the reader's original languages; not all emotions can be expressed with words, and so asemic writing attempts to fill in the void.

Also called asemasia or asymbolia.

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