Trading business plan in india

Game Organizer at Event Next creative business idea is becoming game organizer at events such as birthday party, anniversary etc.

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First is manufacturing by own and second is taking franchise. The money was spent on building infrastructure and marketing. While it is important that those heading these services have a background in the field they are adhering to, the minimum cost to start this home-based business is till considerably low.

Trading business plan in india

To make money, you could charge a subscription service, as it provides piece of mind for people in disasters. You need to invest a lot of money in order to start this business. Nowadays people prefer package drinking water not only at outside but also at home. Ethnic Food Service Another home based business idea is ethnic food service. And sometimes, if you plan it well, these ideas can build you a company at the lowest initial-costs while getting you the highest possible returns. A word of caution: Dealing in broken glass can be hazardous and has to be done with extreme care. These type of products are usually purchased by ladies. If you have enough space and if you want to produce large scale products, furniture making idea is for you. You need to do a research before starting this business. You can assemble few of plumbers and start online plumber works. Web Designer This business idea is not revolutionary, has already been done, but there is high demand for this. Armed with Rs 5 lakh from their savings, and backed by eight embroiderers and designers, the two set up shop at Oshiwara, Mumbai. You will find multiple website offering data entry job. Health Drink Another health-related business idea is starting a health drink parlor. The reports have to be home delivered to the customer.

In this business, you need to produce solar energy by means of using equipment and sell it to power generation company or clients. You need to have an appropriate qualification like a degree in sports coaching.

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This business is for low-skill uneducated people. You require skill manpower in order to start this business.

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Good Small Business Ideas with Low Investment