Vocabulary in gattaca

This is followed by a pin-prick blood test, revealing how gene-testing becomes their security system. His desire to reach Irene allows him to overcome his defective vision. The yellow filters used throughout provide a futuristic look of eeriness which underwrites the feeling of sterility and perfection.

He saves Anton and brings him back to shore. It is a world that represses human aspiration and interaction. I beat myself. It is almost as if he expects to get anything he requires by virtue of his superior birth.

Despite the attempt by the controllers to condition and determine the individual, it is precisely the human characteristics of desire, ambition and motivation that enable Vincent to succeed, where others such as Jerome and Anton do not. Vincent struggles against the odds.

His exclusion sets a pattern of discrimination that ends with his exclusion from the space ship.

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Kindred brotherly feelings are meaningless. Being human means that you will have flaws. In close-up frames, the camera magnifies the minuscule. This is obvious when the two brothers finally confront each other; Anton wants to arrest him for fraud.

The forbidden dream From an early age, Vincent harbours a dream to go to Titan.

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Gattaca Synopsis Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary