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It's like Larry Bird. Over the course of several seasons, Gretzky served in the front office and as the team's head coach. This next one is a bit annoying Image and stats courtesy Hockey Reference. The hardest work he does is getting open. In , he even steered the franchise to the Stanley Cup finals, where the club lost to the Montreal Canadiens in five games. In , they made it to the Stanley Cup Final , only to be swept by the three-time defending champion New York Islanders. The focus of the game prior to Gretzky's arrival, he said, especially among the Canadian teams, was on the player with the puck—in getting the puck to a star player who would make the big play. Since , only five players have put up more than era-adjusted assists in a season. Era-adjusted numbers say Hull again. Seasons where scoring was low get propped up a bit while seasons with inflated scoring dip down. Like a magician, he had to direct attention elsewhere, to his four teammates on the ice with him, to create the momentary distraction in order to move unnoticed into the open ice where size and strength didn't matter. So if he were to have played the other 20 games at his 2. Despite being underdogs against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Edmonton Oilers in the Smythe Division semifinals, Gretzky led the Kings to a shocking upset of his old squad, spearheading the Kings' return from a 3—1 series deficit to win the series 4—3.

Trade to Los Angeles However, in the summer ofthe unthinkable happened when the Oilers traded Gretzky to Los Angeles for a slew of players, draft picks and cash.

Shortly after assuming his Olympic duties, Gretzky also came aboard as the managing partner of the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes in early Well, Gretzky played in the high-flying s, which was an extremely inflated, high-scoring era, so adjusting for era makes his numbers take quite the dip.

His 50th goal of the season came on December 30,in the final seconds of a 7—5 win against the Philadelphia Flyers and was his fifth of the game.

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He made an immediate impact on the ice, scoring on his first shot on goal in the first regular season game. Only six players have ever hit 1, era-adjusted assists and Gretzky had over 1, of them. Gretzky is still the era-adjusted leader in career points with 2, As his team won, Gretzky blazed through the record books by posting unfathomable numbers.

Wayne gretzky the great one

Citation Information. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Skalbania offered to play a game of backgammon with Winnipeg owner Michael Gobuty, the stakes being if Gobuty won, he would get Gretzky and if he lost, he had to give Skalbania a share of the Jets.

By age two, Wayne was trying to score goals against Mary using a souvenir stick.

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The Oilers kept Gretzky on their roster, making him a "priority selection". Sculpted by John Weaver.

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It seems as if each argument ends up in a stalemate with the impossible task of comparing stars from different generations. The family would regularly visit the farm of Wayne's grandparents, Tony and Mary, and watch Hockey Night in Canada together. Naturally, when this type of argument comes about there are cases to be made for each and every player involved in the discussions. Joe Thornton had the highest point output since the turn of the century. Over his career Lemieux took home six scoring titles. The stats are also prorated due to shorter seasons. So, for a brief recap: Name. This turns out to be 1. Had Esposito played with Gretzky and notched his two PPG every season, he still would have finished second in scoring to Gretzky for seven straight years to as Gretzky had over points for those seven seasons. Again, nobody is even close to Gretzky in this category. Gretzky made his opponents compete with five players, not one, and he made his teammates full partners to the game. Citation Information. It is well documented the struggles and tribulations he went through, with injuries and eventually a battle with cancer. This is a great game, but it's a hard game.
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Is Wayne Gretzky Truly "The Great One"?