Welcome speech in college freshers day

Welcome speech for new students in university

But, I guarantee all of you that after completing your graduation from here you are surely going to remember the value of the institute as a memorable milestone. So, Cheers! But in this endeavor,be responsible do not loose your track, remain the kind of person your true friends wish you to be. Tonight is an exceptional evening with the glimpse of joys, laughs and happiness. Students are the heritage of the country and the initiators of all things. Certain things nearely happen and uncertain things are certain to happen, expect the unexpected. I am privileged to stand before you to welcome all the junior friends. Thank You! Just post your question in the below comments form or use Contact Us Form.

Tonight is all about celebrations. Hope you enjoy this evening.

Welcome speech for freshers in malayalam

Now, I want the function to be officially started. It is a great honour for me to be here and address all of you. Explain all about the program schedule and ceremony. The functions like this will create a kind of friendly atmosphere among us. Our college gives equal importance to both theoretical as well as practical learning in order to make you a competent lawyer, in the true sense of the term. Thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity to address you all here tonight. Some of our students also represent the college at the national level in Basketball and Football. I, on behalf of the entire college would like to take a commitment from all our existing students and the new comers to maintain an amiable relationship with one another, respect your seniors, teachers and all other staff members and make your parents and us proud for having you here. So, all you guys out there, the real journey of your future career begins from here. I often think about the time, the time which comes to everyone. Yes, it is the day when teachers stand by students and cute clicks are captured. Make sure you follow all these rules and you will certainly have a great time here.

You will take esteemed lectures here about which you will be privy too. This is just the first step towards the fulfilment of your dream career.

welcome speech for first year students in college pdf

This day is about celebrations and no lectures. The college is offering all it hasbut it depends on how much you can take of it. It is no less an honour for me to be here and address all of you.

So fasten up your shoe laces and buckle up your belts for the journey aheadbecause the best part of your life is waiting for you.

Welcome speech in college freshers day

So, all you guys out there, the real journey of your future career begins from here. Thank you so much!

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Welcome Speech for Fresher's