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While the action of the story continues to occur chronologically, Steinbeck imposes a modern treatment of time over the events.

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Additionally, Steinbeck had experimented with novel form in Of Mice and Men and he was unsure about how readers would react to this. One goal of such investigation is to illustrate patriarchal principles, the social and cultural ideas promoted as truths by dominant male literary voices and the bias against women that result from those ideas.

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This perceptiveness should be a trait that raises her above the level of dumb whore; however, her truthful pronouncement reinforces the danger of her character. After a few minutes, the others come in and Curley stirs them to action. Join the site and send us your review! Carlson asks about Slims dog, which has just had nine puppies, and suggests they give Candy one of the puppies and convince him to shoot the old, lame dog that stinks up the bunkhouse. George presents a place of extreme goodness and extreme justice, not just for Lennie, but for everybody. Lennie appears to be characterized by qualities often considered negative: insanity, overwhelming passion, and innocence. Only three settings are created for the six chapters of the novel, with each chapter confining its action to a single setting or scene, and each setting used for only two chapters. After seeing what has happened in the barn, Candy goes to get George, w ho says they will have to find Lennie and turn him over to the police; otherwise, he will starve to death, alone and running. They want to grow their own crops and breed rabbits. The climactic moment of the novel revolves around Lennie's love of soft things.

It all works out as fated, as several characters predict and later remind us they'd predicted. Lennie is a giant man of incredible strength but has a mental disability that makes him slow to learn and almost child-like.

Crooks is set apart from the others by place, but also by his color and the permanency of his job at the ranch. Chapter 2 introduces the other characters in the story and further prepares the reader for later action in the novel.

Before it was even officially published, Of Mice and Men was chosen for distribution by the organization.

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The color red is frequently associated with violent passion and disorder. George and Lennie's dream is the American dream.

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