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The outcome of this attack left the unnamed man in a critical condition. History[ edit ] Formation and Midwest Monsters — [ edit ] The band officially formed in December in their hometown of Flint, Michigan ; however, the four members of the group had been performing together before then and had already gained a following.

The banal stomp of 'Desperate Lovers' and the failed attempts at sounding sinister during 'Boogeyman' are further instances of King unashamedly riding nu metal's rigid corpse. The album completes a trilogy of albums all dealing with love.

Memoirs deals with the love of violence, La Petite Mort with the love of sex, and Suicide King with the love of money. If this record is a "memoir of the life of frontman David Gunn" as the press release leads one to believe, thank Dio the charges previously placed upon him were dropped.

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Gunn is the biggest point of agitation; he wheezes and growls, roars and whispers exactly like Corey Taylor but without any of Taylor's charisma, and his angst-filled melodrama is about 15 years too late to sound current.

InGunn had started a light heavyweight MMA career. In addition to the heavy and aggressive music the band is known for, he is also fond of calmer tracks such as "Take It", "State of Nature", and several other acoustic interludes that punctuate Memoirs of a Murderer.

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