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A request to do so must be submitted to your Case Manager for approval. To send funds to a Delaware inmate you will need to get a United States Postal Money order, personal checks are not allowed, either is cash.

We ought to have a Catholic presence.

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You will be given a receipt for all funds credited to your account. Inmates can make calls in two ways, through a collect call, in which the recipient of the call is billed per minute, or through a pre-paid phone account. Include the inmate's institution and your name and address on the money order. Letters with contraband will either be returned to sender or confiscated, depending on the contraband. The riot occurred after Fr. Material or photos that encourage sexual behavior will not be accepted. The James T. Sending Money to Inmates in Delaware Inmates are each given their own personal commissary account that allows them to buy items. He cut it out and laminated it, and keeps it with him as a reminder to pray for the young man. A second meeting is set for August 15, which will include a representative of the prison administration to explain rules about writing to prisoners. If you have a legal need to send out certified mail, attach a completed Transfer Request Form to the envelope you want to mail.

A list of publications not permitted in the facility are listed in the Case Manager's Office. A form will be sent to you by the Mailroom staff to request an address to return restricted items, Unauthorized currency CANNOT be put in your personal property.

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Any interested Catholics in the Diocese of Wilmington and surrounding areas are welcome to attend. The James T. Perhaps there will be a small but strong first group of letter writers, Father speculated, who might, in turn, recruit and coach others.

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We never had any problems.

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How To Write To An Inmate at a Delaware Prison [Archive]