Writing a pen pal letter for kids

What about that kid from the hotel room next to yours on a family trip? Also, be open to different age ranges; maybe you have a friend who has a hobby or job your child finds interesting who can correspond with your child as a sort of mentor. Here are a few places to find a pen pal for your kid.

It was so sad. I had success with a friend who moved out west. By Vicki 2 Comments Pen pals are a fun way for kids to practice writing skills. I remember one in particular that I traded a few letters with that lived in Spain.

How to find a pen pal The easiest and safest way to find a pen pal is to contact someone you know and trust who lives in another state or country. As pediatric therapists, we know how important it is to help kids keep up with skills over the summer.

Box, verify all possible pen pals and websites yourself, and have a frank conversation about what topics are and are not appropriate.

pen pal letter for adults

Their last evening in town we had a special dinner and the girls exchanged small gifts: a framed photograph and a package of pen pal materials. Talk about the general area in which you live. We would like to help with that too! Invest in some great stationery. Ask your friends and family if they know of someone in the right age range.

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